It’s always a little difficult to see what your driving instructor will be like, after all you have only got what we say to go on so far! But why not have a look at what some of our previous pupils have said about learning with Manchester Driving Lessons, and see for yourself!


Will Peilober (Sale)

Thanks Rob for all your help and I will stay safe on the roads!!
I will defo recommend you to all of my mates!!

Helen Henesy (Didsbury)

Had such a good driving lesson today, also the first time meeting Rob! He’s such a nice guy, very friendly and made me feel really comfortable in the drivers seat. I feel I’ve gained a lot in this first lesson and can’t wait for the next one so I can practice everything I’ve learned! Aghhh, so excited!! Thanks Rob 🙂

Mel Kraus (Withington)

If you’re looking for driving lessons, look no further. I had 2 bad experiences with driving instructors before I came across Rob who took me on last minute and helped me to pass my test in under 2 weeks! He was reliable, professional, friendly and extremely helpful. I would reccommend driving lessons with Rob to anyone.

Paul Taylor (Didsbury)

Thanks again Rob for your help. Passing first time after ~40 hours of lessons, can’t say fairer than that. If you’re looking for lessons yourself, Rob is patient, calm, very helpful and doesn’t waste your time either. Recommended.

Katie O’Shea (Northendern)

Thanks for everything rob, still cant believe ive passed! 😀

Charlotte McKessy (Northendern)

Hi, just like to say a massive thank you for being such a great instructor and being so patient! I know I couldn’t have passed first time without your help!

K. Davies (Didsbury)

“Before I started driving with Rob, I had a couple of lessons with my uncle in London. My uncle is a very very good instructor and a strict teacher with high standards. So the experience I had from him meant my standards were already high, even if I did not know it yet, and I was used to being taught well.

Rob did a really good job at knowing where I was at, teaching and just being a very good teacher to learn from.

I did not even realise how well Rob was teaching me and all the stuff I was learning, it is only looking back that I can see it.

He does not pressure you, he is calm and has a style that allows you to learn and progress at the right speed, whatever that may be. He is flexible, friendly and he is a very nice guy as well, who will help you with many a problem, even if it’s not just driving.

He was never too nice to tell me I was doing something wrong, or to nice to teach me good driving skills.

I now consider myself a very good driver, and I passed my test first time, this is majorly down to Rob as he taught me my skills, and I will always be grateful to him, I do not think you will find a better driving instructor then Rob, he is a legend.”

 S. Kirkham (Manchester)

“Rob is a top notch instructor with lots of patience. He is very good at explaining what needs to be done and how. Without him there is no way I would have passed first time.”


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