Driving is an important and valuable skill that will last you a lifetime. It is important that you chose the right instructor to teach you this skill and that you dedicate a reasonable amount of time to doing it properly. As with many things in life, you get what you pay for and driving lessons are no different. Pay peanuts and you probably won’t get a very good driving instructor, or you are likely to have to take more than the average number of lessons to get you to test standard! 25 hours at £27 is better than 45 hours at £20 not to mention the test day costs of £100+ every time you attempt a test!

At Manchester Driving Lessons, we believe that it’s not what you pay, but what you get for your money. The driving lesson price includes:

  • FREE & UNLIMITED on-line Theory and Hazard perception training!
  • Tuition from a fully qualified and experienced driving instructor
  • Driving from your 1st lesson, NO lessons just sitting around talking
  • State of the art iPad tuition tools
  • A fully insured, clean, new and dual controlled  AUDI A3 tuition vehicle for you to drive
  • ONE to ONE driving tuition, NO car sharing
  • We can collect you from home, work, college or wherever you need (within reason!)

Lesson prices start from £20 per hour (for the first lesson) and will vary depending on the driving course you choose.

We always have monthly special offers and promotions, so when you contact us don’t forget to ask about this month’s offer!

In order to save money and get the most from your driving lessons, we always recommend, where possible, that you do 1.5 or 2 hour driving lessons and don’t take big breaks in between lessons. This is because you spend longer in the driving seat and have more time to perfect the skills that you are studying. In the long run you will need fewer lessons and will be ready for your driving test quicker than those people doing only 1 hour driving lessons! If you take big breaks in lessons, you may forget what you’ve previously learned and have to spend more time and money re-learning previously learned skills!

To see for yourself what other people say about reducing the cost of your driving lessons, read Martin Lewis’ (Money Saving Expert) forum:

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