Manchester Driving Lessons New Car

Exciting times are here as Manchester Driving Lessons new car arrives, our brand new VW Golf 7 tuition car!

manchester driving lessons golf car 7.1I’ve chosen this car for several reasons, all of them will mean that you get to learn to drive in one of the best cars in its class, on the road today. My Wife owned the previous model of VW Golf (the Mk 6) for several years, and even though it was the previous model, I just loved the way this car drives. It’s so solid and well built and really makes you feel secure and protected on the road, as well as comfortable, the Golf is a VERY comfortable car to drive!

Here are some of the main reasons that Manchester Driving Lessons’ new VW Golf 7 is quite possibly the best car for you to learn to drive in:

  • Hugely improved safety and handling over the previous model of Golf. (This car can even detect if a collision is imminent and will apply the brakes for you)!
  • A simply laid out and intuitive dashboard and interior
  • Levels of comfort and refinement that mean that this car can compete with the BMW 1 Series
  • Improved low speed handling. Speed sensitive power steering makes manoeuvring much easier!
  • Fantastic all round visibility for the driver, again making manoeuvring easier
  • More environmentally friendly, reducing the overall environmental impact of learning to drive
  • Innovative electronic parking brake replaces the traditional ‘hand-brake’ making tricky hill starts much easier!

All of these reasons and many, many more have come together to make the New VW Golf 7 not only the 2013 European Car of the Year, but also the 2013 WORLD Car of the Year. I think that makes it a pretty amazing car and definitely worthy of being our new Tuition Car!

You could drive this car on your first driving lesson from as little as £15 per hour! If you’d like to know how then give me a call or drop me a quick email and get yourself in the driving seat today!


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