Manchester Driving Lessons Course

Everybody has to start somewhere and where better than taking a Manchester Driving Lessons course.

Right from day one you’ll be in good hands, whether you are a complete beginner or are coming back to learning after a break.

You’ll start with leaning about the basics, then move on to how to move and control the car safely and with confidence in a quiet and safe area. When you’ve mastered that you’ll move out onto the open roads, dealing with other road users, junctions, traffic signals and how to drive defensively and safely, but most importantly, you’ll learn to enjoy driving!

One of the most common things people find difficulty with is the dreaded manoeuvres! You’ll be shown simple and effective methods of tackling and successfully completing all of these, whether it is the turn in the road, or reversing around a corner. You will find your Manchester Driving Lessons instructor patient and helpful and always willing to take things at a pace that you are happy with.

Many people ask the question “how many lessons will I need?” and this is one of the biggest issues if you are learning for the first time! Manchester Driving Lessons has prepared a chart which will help you to get an idea of how many hours of tuition you might need. Click the L Plate to take a look.

Get behind the wheel for just £20 for the first lesson
Our instructors are great value too. Our Rates are competitive and reflect the standard of tuition on offer. An introductory lesson for beginners costs just £20 (as part of offer), for a full hour’s lesson, door-to-door. There’s no better way to find out how much easier driving seems when you get on well with your instructor.

Want to know more? – Call Manchester Driving Lessons on 07973 50 20 47 and have a chat about what you want or think you might need. Everybody is different, so you’ll get an honest opinion and a package to suit your needs.


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