Want to reduce your cars’ carbon footprint and save money on fuel at the same time? Manchester Driving Lessons can help you in the form of ECO – friendly driving training.

Green or ECO -Friendly driving not only reduces CO2 and the damage your driving causes to the environment, it can save you a good deal of money; you will use less fuel and your car will need less maintenance work. Green driving also reduces the amount of road accidents and levels of driver stress; green drivers are safer, happier and richer drivers! Making small changes to your driving style, and how you use your car while driving, can make big differences to your environmental impact.

Where possible drive with the windows up – to reduce drag and make your fuel consumption more efficient.

Try not to be in a hurry -Stressed driving can be erratic and is uneconomical. Simply relax and try to enjoy the trip.

Try not to beat the lights – The chances are that if you hit a red light and then try to beat all the following lights, you will rush but miss them anyway. If you drive at a more sedate speed you will usually find that by the time you reach the next light it will have turned green again.

Air conditioning should be limited – as it uses more fuel.

Switch off the engine – if you think you will stationary for more than two minutes.

Keep your speed down – as driving at 50-60 mph means your emissions will be lowest. Driving over 70mph will rapidly increase your emissions. It can cost you up to 25% more in fuel to drive at 70mph compared to 50mph.

Avoid unnecessary revving – or idling of the engine as this uses more fuel.

Harsh acceleration – and braking can use up to 30% more fuel and can cause increased wear and tear on the vehicle.

Control your speed – Speed limits are there to be observed, but did you know that travelling at less than 15mph creates the most pollution? As your speed increases up to 60mph, your level of pollution decreases. Travelling over 60mph increases your level of pollution again.

Careful motorway driving – will improve safety and traffic flow. The concertina effect caused by one motorist breaking sharply often results in traffic slowing to a near stop due to the delayed reaction of drivers behind. If we try to observe the car three or four ahead and give ourselves some distance from the car in front we can anticipate and judge the necessary speed. When you see a car break up ahead, simply remove your foot from the accelerator. By the time you get close to the car in front the chances are that they will have sped up. You can almost make yourself responsible for stopping the concertina.

There are many ways to conserve energy and save money when driving. The primary concern is getting better fuel consumption from each tankful of fuel, whether it’s Petrol, Diesel or alternative fuel type. By implementing a series of simple but very effective techniques we gain several less obvious but equally important benefits. Longer life for our engine, and less emissions into the atmosphere, to name but two.

In the U.K from 2007 Eco- friendly Driving Techniques will be assessed and monitored on the Driving Test.  Manchester Driving Lessons will endeavour to incorporate ECO – friendly driving in all lessons and training sessions delivered.


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