Driving Lessons in Sale

Driving Lessons in Sale

Having lived in Sale for most of his life and also learned to drive in Sale, Rob your instructor, has a detailed and thorough knowledge and understanding of all of Sale and it’s surrounding area, local towns and villages, making him an expert at Driving Lessons in Sale. He is patient, calm, friendly and most importantly understanding. In Rob’s own words:

” I’ve always loved driving, it’s a lot of fun. Taking your driving lessons is where the fun starts!”

Driving lessons in Sale will be planned around your ability and previous driving experience. If you are a beginner, your instructor, Rob (Instructor at Manchester Driving Lessons), will start you off in a quiet area away from the worries of busy main roads and fast moving traffic. When you start to learn to drive with Manchester Driving Lessons, your driving lessons in Sale will be in a modern, clean, dual controlled and fully insured tuition vehicle. We currently use a 2018  AUDI A3 which is one the best cars around for learning to drive in.

Once you have gained more experience and are more confident, you will be driving on busier roads, for example Washway Road, Brooklands roundabout and dual carriageways such as Princess Parkway. You will be taught how to successfully anticipate, plan and negotiate all sorts of junctions and traffic situations leaving you feeling confident and able to deal with pedestrian crossings, busy major junctions, mini and major roundabouts, and how to successfully do hill starts without rolling backward or stalling your engine!

Driving Lessons Sale

Teaching the reversing manoeuvres is a speciality of Rob’s and you will be taught simple and easy methods of doing all of the set reversing manoeuvres, correctly and perfectly every time.If you have already had some driving lessons in Sale and have had problems mastering any of the manoeuvres, have had difficulty in dealing with large or tricky junctions and roundabouts or simply need to get a little more familiar with the area for your driving test in Sale then give Rob a call today and have a chat about starting your Sale Driving Lessons!

Don’t forget that you can get into the driving seat for a lot less than you think, with driving lessons starting from as little as £20 per hour!


For more information call Rob now on:

07973 50 20 47

or send us an E-mail at: getdriving@manchesterdrivinglessons.com


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