Driving Theory Test – Don’t pay over the odds!!

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You’ve spent ages cramming for your Theory test, and you feel that you’re ready to book it, feeling confident that you’ll pass it!

Somebody tells you, perhaps even your driving instructor, that you can book it on-line. Easy. We all like to book stuff on-line these days, most of have tablets, smartphones or laptops. Even those without can usually get internet access fairly easily.

You’ve got all your details ready, debit or credit card, and you’re all ready to book.


Which website do you use? How much was it again?

Be very careful here!

Over the past few weeks I’ve come across a lot of people who have booked a Theory Test but have either had problems booking, haven’t got the date they booked, don’t have a booking reference number and in nearly all cases have PAID ALMOST DOUBLE THE OFFICIAL FEE! This is due to a growing problem of ‘booking agents’, making the booking for you, and charging you for the privilege of having somebody else do it for you!

Booking your Driving Theory Test is easy and can be done over the phone or online. It costs £31 and not a penny more. But see how easy it can be to be mislead by bogus booking agents, who rely on commonly used internet search terms and phrases, to get you onto their website instead of the Official DSA one:

When you search for something on-line, most of us use a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo or Bing etc. The easiest thing to do is just type your search straight into the search engine, but the results that come up can be misleading and could cost much more for the test than you need to spend!

This is what typical Google search result  could look like:

  1. Theory Test – Book A Driving Theory Test Online


    Free Retest If You Fail 1st Time.

    £31 Call 09131 *** ***★ Car Theory TestsInclude Unlimited Tests
  2. Book theory test £31 – Instant Booking£31Call 0905 *** ****


    Book Official Dsa Theory Test Now

Don’t make the mistake of booking your Theory test using one of the above websites. Follow Manchester Driving Lessons’ advice and book correctly and safely on-line:

Even though they both mention ‘Theory Test’ or ‘Official DSA Theory Test’, neither of these sites are owned, controlled, endorsed or recommended by the DSA.

They are links to a third party booking service that will charge you well over the odds for doing something that YOU CAN DO YOURSELF! Effectively all they do is go to the Official DSA website for booking Theory Tests, book the test for you, and then charge for having done it for you! (There is no administration fee if you book your driving theory test through the official booking service).

Some of these websites that pretend to be official, will often offer you a pass guarantee, or a free retest if you fail, however many people never need them if they REVISE PROPERLY in the first place, and so you end up paying for something that you JUST DON’T NEED!

Below are examples of the CORRECT AND OFFICIAL DSA website links for booking and managing your Theory Test:

Notice that all 3 of the examples below have a web address that starts with www.gov.uk, this is the DSA section of the Government’s own website!

  1. Book your driving theory test – GOV.UK


    Book your official driving theory test – you’ll need your provisional driving licence. What you need to know. Start now on the theory test booking service

  2. Practise your driving theory test – GOV.UK


    Before you start. Practice tests are free of charge. You’ll take a different practice test depending on whether you’re learning to drive a: car; motorcycle; lorry (large

  3. The driving theory test for cars and motorcycles – GOV.UK


    Feb 22, 2013 – The theory test is made up of a multiple-choice part and a hazard perception part. You need to pass both parts to pass the theory test.

Manchester Driving Lessons’ advice for booking your Theory Test correctly and safely on-line:

  1. Make sure you use our FREE online Theory Training Tool and practice lots!
  2. Ask your driving instructor for advice if you are having any problems or concerns.
  3. Only book an Official DSA Theory Test, using the links from our Pupil Area or by calling DSA Booking Support on:  0300 200 11 22
  4. If you are having any problems booking your Driving Theory Test, then contact Rob at Manchester Driving Lessons for more help and advice.

The very best of luck for booking and taking you Driving Theory Test.


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